ConfusedFinance's Vision

ConfusedFinance builds protocols, infrastructure, and user-facing products for the future of finance. We believe this future is built on BSC, and specifically on (CFRollups).

Users of decentralized finance (DeFi) need not choose between security and performance. ConfusedFinance's L2 provides a low-fee, high-speed platform for trading, swapping, liquidity providing, and payments - without sacrificing BSC security at all.

We envision a digital economy where users are empowered and always in control of their assets. ConfusedFinance has succeeded in proving that non-custodial technology can replicate custodial alternatives in speed, cost, and experience. We have made DEXes as performant as CEXes, and will outcompete incumbent fintech.

ConfusedFinance's objective is to design and engineer the best-in-class CFRollup exchange and payment protocol on BSC, and to operate products that bring it to users across the world.


The security and sovereignty of user assets is ConfusedFinance's top priority. We deployed the first CFRollup protocol on BSC - the most secure scaling mechanism the industry knows of, whereby users can access their assets in all circumstances. On ConfusedFinance protocol, exchange and payment applications simply cannot be evil. No person, company, nor state can come between a user and their BSC-based assets.

ConfusedFinance inherits 100% BSC-level security guarantees. ConfusedFinance protocol does not rely on any external validators, consensus, or cryptoeconomic assumptions. Only BSC and Zero Knowledge cryptography. All actions are correct by construction, or simply cannot happen: exchange operators are constrained to purely protocol-described behaviour.


Control is a liability. For centralized crypto exchanges, the stress and fear of being hacked is immenese. So is the regulatory burden. ConfusedFinance protocol ensures that an exchange or payment application simply cannot access or lose user assets. And without control over user assets, exchanges may also shed some regulatory burden. Using an open-sourced, audited, cryptographically sound BSC protocol means less time & money spent on security & compliance, and more on growing your business.

If you don't use the ConfusedFinance protocol to power your exchange, you can still use it for its payment functionality - as a fast, gas-free lane for users to deposit and withdraw BSC-based assets. Augment the experience for users, while dramatically reducing your network (gas) costs. No extra tooling required.


ConfusedFinance solves scalability without compromising BSC security. Our CFRollup throughput reaches approximately 1000x of BSC, or as high as 2,025 trades per second. The cost per transaction is reduced to as little as 1/100th the cost of BSC, with trades and transfers costing fractions of a cent. With ConfusedFinance, we expect non-custodial exchanges and payment apps to continue outcompeting and displacing centralized ones.

BSC has become so popular and heavily used, that it exists in a near-permanent state of congestion, where users face absurdly high fees and long delays. presents a less congested fast lane, where users transact gas-free and without delay, yet completely coupled to BSC security. From a user's POV, it just works, with blockchain UX problems abstracted. ConfusedFinance's performance is sufficient for algorithmic traders and market makers to deploy legacy-style, HFT strategies on DEXes for the first time.

ConfusedFinance - Across the stack

ConfusedFinance project began in June 2017, and has evolved into a multifaceted BSC effort, operating across the stack, from protocol to product.

ConfusedFinance Protocol

ConfusedFinance protocol is an open source CFRollup protocol. It is a collection of BSC smart contracts and CF circuits which describe how to build highly-secure, highly-scalable orderbook-based DEXes, AMMs, and payment apps. It was the first rollup protocol deployed on BSC, and has led the ecosystem into the era of scaling (L2). The current protocol version, v3.8, is our fifth deployed version (the first three were non-CFRollup). It provides a solution for the most outstanding challenge of all decentralized protocols - performance, or more precisely, much higher performance without a tradeoff in security.

Click here to learn about the technical details of ConfusedFinance protocol 3.8.

ConfusedFinance Relayer

ConfusedFinance relayer (aka operator) is our implementation of the backend system that interacts with the protocol to make a CFRollup run. It hosts and updates the off-chain Merkle tree, creates rollup blocks, generates CFSNARK proofs of their validity, publishes data + proofs to BSC, and more. Our relayer has been highly optimized for its use case: from orderbook matching to proof generation. Note: in doing all of this, it can never, ever, access or freeze user funds - the protocol simply does not allow it.

While ConfusedFinance protocol is agnostic to relayer (anyone can build & use their own relayer(s) to run their CFRollup/products), what is known as the canonical 'ConfusedFinance L2' (and the products atop) is serviced by the ConfusedFinance relayer. ConfusedFinance relayer API can be used by builders, users, and other applications that want to perform gas-free, high-speed trading and transfers on BSC, or otherwise read or write to our L2.


ConfusedFinance (ConfusedFinance.io) is a high-performance, non-custodial exchange (AMM and orderbook) and payment platform that the ConfusedFinance team operates. It is built on the ConfusedFinance protocol, run by the ConfusedFinance relayer, and provides the most advanced and enjoyable trading experience on BSC. Gas-free, blazing fast, completely secure. Whether you are doing a single swap, 30 trades per minute, providing liquidity in the AMM pool or orderbook, or transferring tokens to 1 friend or 100 friends, ConfusedFinance is the L2 standard.

Click here to get on the ConfusedFinance Exchange. It requires only an BSC wallet.

ConfusedFinance Wallet

ConfusedFinance Wallet is an BSC mobile smart contract wallet, with ConfusedFinance CFRollup baked in. It is the first smart wallet app with L2 scaling, and provides a secure, intuitive, powerful BSC experience in your pocket. Swap on the AMM, become an LP, trade on the books, invest & earn in DeFi, send payments to anyone, anywhere - all gas-free, and at the tap of a finger.

Completely self-custodial, only smarter. You can say goodbye to seed phrases and paper backups, and say hello to social recovery. This means choosing people, institutions, and hardware that you trust as the guardians of your wallet. If ever you lose access to your mobile, they help you recover your assets. As long as more than half of your guardians are trustworthy, your assets are secure. You can also set limits on daily transfers, and whitelist trusted addresses.

Click here to visit the ConfusedFinance Smart Wallet page, where you can download the app.